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This video is an extract from our blue ARROW User Guide DVD.  For more information about blue ARROW controls or a full copy of the User Guide DVD please fill out an enquiry form here.


blue ARROW


A Revolution in Waterjet Control Systems

blueARROW is a new generation electronic control system for HamiltonJet powered boats. With the intuitive control provided by the MouseBoat manoeuvring controller, blue ARROW allows even inexperienced boaters to harness the full manoevring benefits of waterjets by providing simple control of engine throttle, gearbox and waterjet reverse and steering deflectors.

Unlike other electronic waterjet control systems, blue ARROW is a complete waterjet and controls package. blue ARROW incorporates single or twin waterjet units, jet control interfaces, engine throttle and gearbox control interfaces, together with helm station control devices.

In addition, blue ARROW has many safety features including multiple levels of redundancy and a fully independent smart backup, together with comprehensive diagnostics and alarms, making it the safest and most reliable control system of its type.

blue ARROW is suitable for commercial applications, workboats, military craft and pleasure yachts. Like all of HamiltonJet's quality propulsion products, blue ARROW is installed and supported by the company's network of Distributors and service agents in over 50 locations around the world.


Basic Specifications:

  • Features the MouseBoat manoeuvring controller
  • blue ARROW is currently available with Hamilton Waterjet models HJ292, HJ322, HJ364 and HJ403
  • Suitable for Single and Twin installations in monohulls or catamarans
  • Vessel length: 8-16 metres (guide only - some vessels outside this range may be suitable)
  • Vessel Weight: 3-30 tonnes
  • Engine Input Power Range: 200-900kW (270-1340hp)
  • RPM Range (at waterjet mainshaft): 1200-3000rpm


More detailed information (.pdf downloads)...