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blue ARROW Schemas

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Download PDF form to enter blue ARROW cable lengths.  Submit this form with your order


Jet and Control Station

Single Jet Schema - blue ARROW Single Jet Schema   204613

Twin Jet Schema  - blue ARROW Twin Jet Configuration   204614

Please Note: Previous Control Station Schemas now consolidated into Jet and Control Station Schemas (above)



Engine Schema B  - blue Arrow Engine Schema B, Caterpillar Engines    204934 

Engine Schema C  - blue ARROW Engine Schema C, Detroit Diesel Corp. Engines    204935

Engine Schema D  - blueARROW Engine Schema D, Voltage Drive    204970

Engine Schema E   -blueARROW Engine Schema E, Yanmar (Early) Engines   208157

Engine Schema F   - blueARROW Engine Schema F, MAN Engines   205401

Engine Schema G  - blueARROW Engine Schema G, Voltage Drive Engines   205571

Engine Schema H  - blue ARROW Engine Schema H, Yanmar (XCIM) / John Deere Engines    205953

Engine Schema J - blue ARROW Engine Schema J, MTU Blueline Engines    206077

Engine Schema L0 - blue ARROW Engine Schema L0, Volvo Engine without Gearbox    208009

Engine Schema L3 - blue ARROW Engine Schema L3, Volvo Engine with Gearbox    208010

Engine Schema M - blue Arrow Engine Schema M, Scania Engine   207651



Gearbox Schemas_1  - blue ARROW Gearbox Configuration, 2 Solenoid    204689



Autopilot Schema 1  - blue ARROW Autopilot Configuration    204936

Autopilot Schema 2  - blue ARROW Autopilot Configuration - Furuno    205646

Autopilot Schema 3  - blue ARROW Autopilot Configuration - Simrad    205730

Autopilot Schema 4  - blue ARROW Autopilot Configuration - Simrad    208365 

Autopilot Schema 5 - blue ARROW Autopilot Configuration - Raymarine   212745



Power Supply Schema  - blue ARROW Recomended Power Supply Configuration   204937