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NEWS: World's Largest 70m Fast Crew Boat driven by HamiltonJets 


The World's largest Fast Crew Boat has recently been launched by Incat Tasmania's shipyard on the 15th September 2014. This DP2 class 70m Fast Crew Boat (FCB) will be operating as a fast crew transfer vessel to various installations in the Caspian Sea and has a semi-SWATH hull design with active ride control, which will provide a more comfortable ride and reduces stress on the crew and passengers.

Named the 'Muslim Magomayev' this boat has approximately 200 metric tons deadweight, is capable of carrying 150 passengers and 14 crew, along with130 metric tons of deck cargo, in up to 40 knot winds and seas of 3 meter wave heights.

Powered by 2,880 kW MTU engines driving quad HamiltonJet HT900 waterjets, the boat is designed to achieve a maximum speed of 36 knots and a service speed of 30 knots. In the recent sea trials the vessel achieved 38.7 knots lightship. HamiltonJet's Systems Engineer, Adian Priestly says "we are very pleased with the commissioning of the boat, the shipyard has done an excellent job with the installation and the system integration has been seamless and without faults."

The HT900 waterjets feature a mixed flow pump that provides high efficiency at medium to high speeds and retains the high thrust at zero speed required for Dynamic Positioning in high sea states.

A new optimised compact astern deflector retains the performance of the HamiltonJet split reverse duct system, but with reduced weight and width for installation in narrow hulls. The deflector is actuated by two fully inboard hydraulic cylinders. HT waterjet models are fitted with class leading JT nozzle stearing system, also actuated by two fully inboard hydraulic cylinders, which allows for minimal thrust losses whilst responding to steering demands.

This Fast Crew Boat is controlled by 4 bridge operating stations provided by the HamiltonJet MECS control system. This is seamlessly integrated into the boat's DNV DYNPOS-AUTR dynamic positioning system, which will provide station keeping and improved safety during crew transfers using the Ampelmann 'walk to work' passenger transfer system.

Each control station consists of a twin throttle and reverse levers, and a steering device with the port and starboard bridge station also featuring a manoeuvring joystick. All stations are interfaced through the appropriate HamiltonJet modules to the voyage data recorder, autopilot, DP System and the monitoring system.


More Jet-Propelled Catamaran Crewboats Hitting the Water

Following on from the success of SEACOR Cougar and SEACOR Cheetah, Incat Crowther and Gulf Craft delivered the first of two 58m Catamaran Crew boats, SEACOR Lynx earlier this year.  It and sister vessel SEACOR Leopard are propelled by quad HamiltonJet HT810 waterjets and MTU engines, giving it a service speed of 40 knots.

And now Incat Tasmania has begun building the world's largest waterjet propelled high speed crewboat, featuring four HamiltonJet HT900 waterjets. 

You can find out more about both these vessels at the links below...




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HamiltonJet pioneered the development of the modern waterjet over 50 years ago, and the company continues its innovative traditions today.  Constant design improvements, driven by an active research and development program, keeps HamiltonJet at the forefront of waterjet technological evolution.

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Click here to see application videos including the latest BNZ TV advertisement featuring Kaikoura Whale Watch vessel with twin HamiltonJet HJ403 waterjets.