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HamiltonJet Waterjet Models

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HJ212 - The Ultimate Waterjet

HamiltonJet boats are fitted with the world’s most popular and widely used waterjet unit – the HamiltonJet 212. This is the waterjet chosen by the majority of commercial jetboat operators and recreational jetboaters around the world for its outstanding performance in all situations.

Design Specifications - The HamiltonJet 212 is designed to be the best all-round waterjet propulsion unit available, offering reliability and durability, ease of use and maintenance, and, most of all, high performance across a wide range of applications and boating situations. The 212 offers excellent efficiency as well as high resistance to cavitation, and can be configured to suit a wide range of engines.

Steering - A JT type steering nozzle directs the jetstream to either side for precise control with minimal loss of thrust during a turn. This nozzle can be rotated at setup to adjust vessel trim slightly if required.

Reverse - A manually operated split duct astern deflector reverses the jetstream while maintaining high thrust and efficiency.  The deflector locks in any position between full ahead and astern. By working steering and reverse controls in unison, thrust can be obtained in any direction for 360° manoeuvring ability, even at zero speed.

Compact Design - The 212 has been designed to maximise usable space within the boat while keeping weight low for stability. The steering/astern deflector arrangement reduces overhang beyond the transom.

Efficiency - The advanced impeller, intake and nozzle design of the 212 make it an extremely efficient propulsion option.

Turbo Impeller - The HamiltonJet 212 Turbo impeller offers superior performance where acceleration and high thrust in aerated water are important. With its offset “inducer & kicker” blade configuration and significantly extended blade area, the Turbo impeller is the ideal option for vessels operating in “white water”.  Unlike a standard impeller which is most suitable for use where solid, unaerated water is presented to the waterjet intake, the Turbo impeller has greater resistance to cavitation and provides improved “grip” in aerated conditions.

Download the HJ212 brochure here

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Identify Your Older HamiltonJet Waterjet Unit

With over 50 years of manufacturing waterjet propulsion units in New Zealand, HamiltonJet now has a large range of obsolete waterjet models still in operation around the country and elsewhere in the world. 

HamiltonJet's Marine Division stocks a limited range of parts for older jet units. All units are identified with a plaque positioned on the front of the intake block that includes model number and serial number for that particular unit.

Below is a list of older jet models, click on your jet model name to bring up an expanded view of the unit with parts labelled.  Once you have identified the parts required, enter these in the relevant section of the Enquiry form, and send along with your contact details.

We will assess the availability of requested spare parts then contact you with price and delivery details.

1031 Single Stage

Classed as HamiltonJet's first mass produced "commercial" waterjet unit, the 1031 featured a larger diameter single impeller (10.5 inch) and nozzle steering. 1977 - 1988


Note: Other larger commercial jet units such as the 1011, 1300, 1312 and 1341 were only produced in very small numbers.  If you require manuals for these waterjet models please contact us using the enquiry form.


 770 Series 1, 2 & 3 Stage

HamiltonJet's last multi-stage waterjet, the 770 series remains a very popular and much copied jet unit.  Suitable for a variety of recreational boats and engine powers, and was modified to provide higher speeds for racing boats.


 750 Series 1, 2 & 3 Stage

Popular model from 1973 to 1983.  Offered a common hull mounting position with additional stators for 2 and 3 stage units mounted aft of the transom


740 Series 1, 2 & 3 Stage

A development on the Colorado Explorer series with a 5 degree shaftline for easier short coupling.  Most parts are common with the Colorado Explorer.  1972 - 1973


Colorado Junior & Explorer 1, 2 & 3 Stage

A low cost update on the Chinook.  Began with the single-stage Colorado Junior 1A in 1962, followed by the Explorer 2B in 1963 and the Exlporer 3C in 1965.  The Junior 1B replaced the 1A in 1966, while the Explorer 2C, which used the shorter 3C stators appeared in 1969.  The last Colorado units were manufactured in 1973. 

Chinook 2 & 3 Stage

HamiltonJet's first axial flow waterjet was in production from 1956/57 - 1963.  This was the unit that really opened the world's eyes to jet boating.  Axial flow allowed waterjets to propel larger and heavier boats with its high volume, low velocity characteristics.

Generally parts are now unavailable for the Chinook though you can still find bearings and some O-rings and seals.



Direct drive centrifugal pump with an intake, suitable for up to about 40hp.  Removed bevel gear from Quinnat unit but height of pump made it difficult to prime.  100 - 125 unit were produced between 1955 and 1957.



Small version of Rainbow suitable for up to about 10hp and usually fitted in dinghies.



The first HamiltonJet waterjet was a copy of the American Hanley Hydro Jet, but with the outlet direclty out the transom rather than under the hull ahead of the inlet.  Only seven units were produced.  Had a noisy and unreliable bevel gear, but surprisingly could take up to about 100hp and propel quite large boats to 26mph.







Obsolete HJ Series Waterjets

Full spares available on following models -

HJ211 / HJ271 / HJ273 / HJ291 / HJ321 / HJ361 / HJ362 / HJ391 / HM402 / HM421


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