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Waterjet Manufacture & Assembly

HamiltonJet waterjets are manufactured at the CWF Hamilton & Co factory in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The factory is dedicated solely to the manufacture of waterjets and control systems, with the majority of components engineered inhouse.  The basic manufacturing process is...

The waterjet housings and other aluminium components are sand cast, then go through a waterblast and fettle process before being machined on dedicated CNC machine centres.  They are then washed and painted.

Stainless steel components such as mainshafts and couplings are turned and milled on CNC machines.

Impellers are cast from moulten stainless steel, before being machined, balanced, trimmed and pitched to a specific "impeller rating".

The waterjet controls systems, including hydraulic and electronic components, are also CNC machined, painted and assembled.

All parts are then dispatched to the final assembly area where they are assembled and pressure tested, the control system is installed and tested, a final quality inspection is conducted and they are then boxed up and shipped to the customer.

All HamiltonJet waterjets are custom built to specifically suit each application, with most components for each unit manufactured together to ensure high quality of product and improve ongoing maintenance over the life of every waterjet which leaves the factory.