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HamiltonJet Electronic Control Systems

HamiltonJet manufactures two electonic control systems for its waterjet units...


MECS - Modular Electronic Control System

Principally designed for HamiltonJet's HM range of waterjets (HM461- HM811) MECS is also available on HJ364, HJ403 and HJ422 models. Themodular "per-jet" architecture of the MECS system mean it is suitable for a wide range of waterjet setup configurations. The system can also integrate with many peripheral control and recording systems such as Autopilot, Dynamic Positioning, and Voyage Data Recording.


blue ARROW

A new generation electronic control system for HamiltonJet powered boats. With the intuitive control provided by the MouseBoat manoeuvring controller, blue ARROW allows even inexperienced boaters to harness the full manoevring benefits of waterjets by providing simple control of engine throttle, gearbox and waterjet reverse ands teering deflectors.

Unlike other electronic waterjet control systems, blue ARROW is a complete waterjet and controls package. blue ARROW incorporates single or twin waterjet units, jet control interfaces, engine throttle and gearbox control interfaces, together with helm station control devices.

Click here for more information about the blue ARROW control system.