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HamiltonJet in New Azimut

22nd July 2007

Kiwi-Built Jets Give Edge to New Italian Motoryacht

Hamilton waterjets are receiving high praise as a propulsion alternative to surface drives on the newest motoryacht from Italian giant Azimut. Not only do the jets provide high speed and outstanding manoeuvrability, but with their industry-leading electronic control systems, HamiltonJet has made it easy for anyone to immediately harness the full capabilities of jet propulsion.
The recent launch of the 26m Azimut 86S Open yacht offered a rare opportunity to compare two different high-speed propulsion systems, waterjets and surface drives, in identical boats. As a result there has seen no shortage of media reviews, with the jet-powered boat receiving many plaudits for its performance and operation.
Reviewers have been quick to highlight the fast acceleration and vibration-free ride of the waterjet version. The yacht offers exciting but very safe handling, with instant helm and throttle response, tight turning radius and crash-stop ability. And with a top speed of 45 knots – a mere 1 knot slower than the surface drives top speed – the 86S Open more than meets Azimut’s goal for a high-performance boat.
But it is the controllability of the waterjet option that has impressed most. HamiltonJet’s MECS electronic control system, with the addition of a low-speed manoeuvring joystick, allows for complete vessel control without the need for complicated helm settings. Simply move the lever in the direction you want to go, and the micro-processor controlled system automatically sets the waterjets’ reverse and steering deflectors to achieve this. 
Moving the lever further in any direction adjusts throttles to speed up the boat’s movement. And turning a knob on the top of the joystick changes the vessel’s heading. The simplicity and logical nature of this control means inexperienced boaters don’t have to learn any advanced techniques to easily manoeuvre the vessel in very tight spaces.
The Azimut 86S utilizes a pair of 2000hp MTU engines, each coupled to a Hamilton HM571 waterjet (with an impeller diameter of 570mm) through ZF reduction gearboxes. The waterjets allow the engines to sit well aft, leaving plenty of room for the luxury design elements you would expect from Azimut, which includes large windows in the hull on each side of the master stateroom.
HamiltonJet believes the Azimut 86S will boost its profile in Europe, and around the world, as a successful propulsion option for high-end recreational boats. While the company continues to be very successful with luxury yacht builders in the US, including Hinckley, it has traditionally focused on the work and patrol boat markets for its waterjet exports. 
Now the interest shown in the Azimut 86S, together with ongoing upgrades to it’s manufacturing processes and development of advanced electronic control systems, will ensure HamiltonJet becomes a preferred propulsion option for a wide variety of recreational vessels as well as work and patrol craft.

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