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Moose Boats Use HamiltonJet

22nd July 2007

HamiltonJet-Powered Moose Boat Favoured for US Inshore Patrol

A Californian built fast patrol catamaran is quickly gaining a reputation as the ideal vessel for inland waterway security – thanks in no small part to its twin Hamilton waterjet propulsion. Moose Boats, an aluminium boat manufacturer in Petaluma, CA, has recently been awarded several contracts for its Moose 340C Catamaran Patrol boats for security services across the United States.
In November 2005 Moose Boats delivered a 340C to the US Navy NAVSEA and received an additional contract for a second 340C to be assigned to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), Patuxent River, MD. The Moose Boat design was chosen because of its fast and stable catamaran hull and its powerful waterjet propulsion. High speed, outstanding manoeuvrability and shallow draught make the Moose 340C ideally suited to meet mission requirements.
Earlier in 2005 the Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration (MARAD), ordered two of the 11m (37’6”) vessels for security at the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet located in Benicia, California. The Suisun Bay Fleet consists of dry cargo ships, tankers, military auxiliaries and other types of reserve ships in the custody of the Maritime Administration.
The Moose 340C is powered by twin Cummins 380hp turbo diesels and Hamilton HJ292 waterjets. This vessel has a top speed of over 34 knots, cruises at almost 30 knots. The waterjets provide the benefits of powerful acceleration and deceleration, smooth and vibration-free ride, sharp high-speed turns and the full range of low-speed manoeuvring options – including zero-speed turning and sideways movement. 
Use of waterjets also ensures the Moose 340C has a static draught of a mere 0.5m (21”), which means it can operate safely in less than 1m of water.
Moose Boats currently has a contract with the US NAVY to build a total of thirteen 340Cs, of which eleven have been delivered. Moose Boats has also built a similar vessel for the U.S. Park Police that currently patrols the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, New York Harbor and surrounding areas.
In addition to the Moose 340C, the company offers a smaller Moose M2-33’, which also utilises twin 380hp Cummins engines and Hamilton HJ292 waterjets to give a top speed of over 36 knots. The first Moose M2-33’ Rescue/Patrol boat with fire-fighting capability was recently delivered to the LA County Sheriff’s Department in Marina del Rey, CA.   
This vessel was specifically designed, built and equipped for continual patrol use as well as a quick response vessel for marine emergencies such as search and rescue missions and fire fighting. The Marina del Rey Harbor is the world’s largest man-made small craft harbor – home to approximately 5,500 boats.
The Moose M2-33’ with HamiltonJet propulsion was chosen for this role because of its ability to handle the constant grueling daily challenges that law enforcement boats are subjected to. Its high speed, stability, safety and manoeuvrability make it ideal for a wide range of patrol duties plus emergency rescues and recoveries.
Moose Boats will be demonstrating the capabilities of the 340C Patrol Boat and HamiltonJet propulsion to the government maritime community at the 2006 MACC (Multi Agency Craft Conference), in May 2006, Norfolk, Virginia.

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