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HamiltonJet Books & Video

Many books and stories have been written about the life of Sir William Hamilton and his many inventions.  He even features as part of the New Zealand Schools curiculum.  Sir William also had the foresight to capture video footage during the early development days of the waterjet propulsion, from which many short documentaries and television features have been created.

Below are a sample of the books and videos that are available today, from HamiltonJet, public libraries and other providers.


Gumption Board Game - Featuring HamiltonJet Money

Gumption is a highly interactive and enterprising board game aimed at school students and featuring iconic NZ companies and innovators.

Gumption is designed to be a race. The game board shows the resources of eight iconic kiwi organisations. Each player is in a race to own these resources. To win, a player needs to own all the resources (natural, human and capital) of two organisations. The first player to do this is the winner.  Players gain resources by either landing on an unowned resource and buying it from the bank or by trading with other players. The enterprising nature of Gumption is encouraged by deal-breaking squares on the game board and by risk cards. The iconic kiwi nature of Gumption is enhanced by the playing pieces which players use to move around the game board.

Click the Gumption picture above to go to the Gumption website




The Ballad of Bill Hamilton

   by Tony Kean

Reprinted in 2008 by Drakonian Publishing in association with the Original Jet Boat Company.
[ISBN 978-0-473-13130-2]

Copies available from HamiltonJet or Tony Kean, 17 The Stables, Woodend 7610, New Zealand. 
Ph: +64 021 729 430. 

Price: NZ$15 + p&p

The story of Sir William Hamilton's life told in rhyme.  Colour drawings and historical photographs are mixed to delight and educate readers young and old.



Wild Irishman

     by Peggy Hamilton

Published by A.H. & A.W. Reed [ISBN 0 589 01294 0]

Copies available from CWF Hamilton & Co, PO Box 709, Christchchurch, New Zealand.
Ph: +64 3 962 0530

Price: NZ$25 + p&p

The story of Sir William Hamilton and life at Irishman Creek as told by his wife Peggy



The Jet Boat - The Making of a New Zealand Legend

     by Anne & Les Bloxham

Published by A.H. & A.W. Reed [ISBN 0 589 01453 6]

Out of Print - copies may be available second-hand

Describes the development of the Jet boat and waterjet unit, the formation of the NZ Jet Boat Association, spread of the jet around the world, racing, expeditions and much, much more. 

White Water - The Colorado Jet Boat Expedition

     by Joyce Hamilton

Published by The Caxton Press, 1963

Out of Print - copies may be available second-hand

The story of the 1960 jet boat expedition up the Colorado River, as told by Joyce Hamilton, wife of expedition driver Jon Hamilton (son of Sir William). 









Against the Flow... The HamiltonJet Tale

     Produced by Blackmagic Media, 2004

Over 1 hour of story, featuring early footage from Irishman Creek, expeditions in Nepal, India and the Colorado, racing in New Zealand and Mexico, plus interviews with Jon Hamilton, George Davison, Alf Dick and many other associated with the development and growth of the Hamilton Waterjet.

Available on DVD and Video from