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Waterjet Advantages

Waterjet propulsion has many advantages over other forms of marine propulsion, such as stern drives, outboard motors, shafted propellers and surface drives. These advantages include...

Excellent Manoeuvrability

  • Precise steering control at all boat speeds
  • "Zero Speed" steering effect provides 360° thrusting ability for docking and holding stationary.
  • Sideways movement possible with multiple jet installations.
  • High efficiency astern thrust with "power-braking" ability at speed


High Efficiency

  • Propulsive coefficients as good or higher than the best propeller systems achievable at medium to high planing speeds
  • Flexibility when using multiple waterjets may allow operators to continue to operate efficiently on fewer drives

Low Drag and Shallow Draught

  • Absence of underwater appendages reduces hull resistance
  • Shallow draught - the waterjet intake is flush with hull bottom to allow access to shallow water areas and beach landings with no risk of damage to the drive

Low Maintenance

  • No protruding propulsion gear eliminates impact damage or snags
  • Minimum downtime and simple maintenance routines

Smooth and Quiet

  • No hull vibration, no torque effect and no high speed cavitation gives maximum comfort levels on board
  • Low underwater acoustic signature

Total Safety

  • No exposed propeller for complete safety around people in the water and marine life

Maximum Engine Life

  • Jet unit impeller is finely matched to engine power
  • Power absorption is the same regardless of boat speed
  • No possibility of engine overload under any conditions


  • Single packaged module
  • No heavy and expensive gearbox required for many installations. Simple driveline from engine to jet coupling

Easy installation

  • Complete factory tested package, ready to bolt in
  • No difficult engine alignment problems


Hamilton waterjets have several advantages over other waterjet makes. These include...


Superior Cavitation Resistance

  • Pump design offers up to 25% more thrust than other waterjets between 0 and 20 knots. Manoeuvrability at low speeds and acceleration to high speeds are superior.

Precise Steering Control

  • Hamilton Jet's unique JT steering nozzle minimises thrust loss whensteering. No central deadband provides higher course-keepingefficiency and higher overall boat speeds.

More Accurate Performance Prediction

  • HamiltonJet's experience is supported by accurate performance prediction software to ensure waterjets are an appropriate propulsion option for your vessel, and to recommend the most appropriate waterjet size and set up for every different application. 

Worldwide Service and Sales Support

  • HamiltonJets global network of Distributors can be found in over 50 locations, support by Regional Offices in the US and Europe and the factory in New Zealand

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