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Waterjet Installation

HamiltonJet waterjets are one of the easiest propulsion systems to install in a vessel.  Each model is supplied from the factory as a complete unit, so the boat builder is not required to fabricate the intake or mounting block, and the transom does not require any extra strenthening.  Hydraulic control components are mounted on and powered by the waterjet, so additional hydraulic pumps and coolers are not normally required.  The intake block can be sent prior to the waterjet for pre-installation in the hull.

The boat builder must simply cut holes in the hull bottom and transom and weld or mould the intake block into the hull.  The waterjet can be inserted through the transom and bolted onto the intake block, with the intake grill and transom plate then fixed in place.  Finally the driveshaft and control cables are connected.

The animation below shows a typical HamiltonJet waterjet installation.  Different models of waterjets will have slightly different installation requirements, but the basic installation process remains the same throughout the HamiltonJet range.